Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Historic preservation:Petition for Baguio

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Who describes themselves as - ” Living in the Philippines offers a chance to explore these islands and get to know the people. It is not always paradise and I try to show all sides. ” Petition for Baguio

Posted a petition for Baguio online its been going around the web - seeking to control the over-development a major issue not only for the City of pines but in many places where history has been repeatedly torn down to make way for the new over the old.

[]… “… the City of Baguio deserves to be declared a “Special Heritage Zone,” so that the degradation brought about by overdevelopment can be minimized and gradually controlled. We believe that Baguio City’s heritage as a center of culture and environmental awareness is a valuable asset not just to the Philippines, but also to the world. … []

So far over 170 copies have come down many major names on the list go to the site and follow the instructions if you are interested - it is always a worthy cause to save a bit of heritage many places throw aside in favor of the new and splashy.

NY Times & Bush Admin: 15mins of posing

President Bush is up in arms over the snooping report the New York Times and other media outlets raised on the ’so called secret” bank transactions snooping on US nationals and corporations to check into the sources of those funding groups linked to terrorism.
Its clearly just another issue the Bush administration is stretching bit to improve poll numbers among conservative voters.

[] … The US president has accused US newspapers of hampering the “war on terror” by publishing details of a secret scheme to track money transfers. George W Bush defended the scheme and said the disclosure was “disgraceful”. BBCNEWS … []

But -the entire program is outlined in the reports of governments activities versus terrorism - here :

[] … Financial Action Task Force on Money LaunderingInter-governmental body developing and promoting policies to combat money laundering and terrorist…
www.fatf-gafi.org/ … []

I mean its not spelled out in exact details - but - it goes over the program and is on a public access website. Everyone else in the world has their accounts regularly scrutinized over the sending of funds abroad. Most worry nothing about it unless you have something to hide.

Looking at the media reports you would think some major scoop had been scored by the NY Times when in actuality its al out there in the public domain.

On the side of the white house its a easy way to take a snap at a media outlet over the something that looks almost treason - when in reality its nothing but political posturing to make poll numbers rise among a specific constituency.

So the saga will drag on - they will blister and pucker and act like peacocks for a few weeks.
Bottom line- if the Bush administration feels some law was violated. File charges in court. If the NY Times feels its right were violated- file charges before the supreme court for culpable violations of the constitution - a impeachable offense. Otherwise- you both got the thing you wanted everyone’s attention now we can all go back to sleep and wait for the next ‘pseudo scandal’ to emerge.

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